oh look a fanfic i wrote for suga and shiori when i had a suga blog

So this is a drabble for a Kagerou Days AU?

Where Suga is actually aware of all of the endings. He’s aware of the multi universes where these occur and all. Vague spoilers alert! Also lots of pain. A lot of it. 

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       ✍  ⋮「  …Thinking about it now, he probably shouldn’t have
                  spoken out to him all of a sudden, Allen was a quiet
                  child so it wouldn’t be a surprise that he must have
                  noticed his presence beforehand.

                  To the boy, the would must be an unfavorable subject.
                  In a way, it felt like Allen felt like he was overstepping
                  his boundaries, and to a stranger no less. ”Sorry.

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Not to worry, he was anything but displeased regarding
            the younger being inquisitive to such a thing— curiosity
            was but of the norm for younger children, as he knew
            himself. It was but said curiosity and a tinge of desperation
            that had caused his and his sister’s demise in the end. 

            Lips upturn into a smile, though faint, completely genuine.
            There was no fault in satisfaction to curiosity, unless it was
            intentionally made to be a snide remark.

            ❝ — Oh? 
                    It’s quite alright..
                                                                                  - a hand reaches up,
                                                                                    instinctively covering it. - 
                    Many people are questionable to this..
                    wound of mine.It is not something one
                    would see by a daily basis, after all. ❞


So I really like this song so I had to make a music box cover for it ;;;
—I had to replace the ending with a small part of the beginning because.. lazy. weeps pleasedon’tkillme
I hope I did it justice! ;v;
Original: here
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                 I am forgetting the promises I have made.
“Why can I never go back to bed? Who’s is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?”

♥—{{ Independent roleplay blog for Aya Drevis from Mad Father

♥—{{ OC and Crossover friendly

♥—{{ Multi-verse and non-shipping

♥—{{ No smut as both mun and muse are underage.

♥—{{ Preference for para, but one-liners are also accepted.

♥—{{ This is a rp blog for a horror game meaning possible trigger warning.



"Voicing my thoughts is quite an… experience. I rarely talk out loud to myself like this… I must sound like a madman speaking everything that comes into my head."


Dio paced around the clearing outside the house while muttering to himself. “…I just hope no one finds me in such a state; it’s easy to keep from being seen, but this continuous talking would definitely give away my presence.”

"Perhaps I should draw attention away from my home until this inclination stops… I wouldn’t want to attract any more nosy visitors." He navigated through the brush into the surrounding forest. "At least I’m not too loud when I talk…"

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Much effort it took for him not to smile, the edge of his lips pulling
            into the faintest of smiles but for the briefest of moments as words
            spilled from his other’s lips again and again— it seemed as this 
            one simply spoke his mind, words no louder than a mutter escaping
            his lips as he wandered around. Quite comedic, it really was, with
            how the permanent frown was placed upon his features, indicating
            that he certainly did not agree with this in the slightest.

            Was it but a few months back, Dio would have found this situation
            highly illogical— though after meeting Aya and her many counterparts
            whom, not forgetting to mention, reacted differently towards him; he
            could proudly state that this circumstance did not bother him in the

            And hence the calm, relaxed call that came from the tree tops, where
            he sat oh so comfortably.


                  ❝ …My, oh my.
                         Aren’t you a chatty one? 


◤ ✉ to: unknownsaviour


”..Does it hurt?”

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Hand reaching up reflexively to cover it— his only eye widen in 
            horror and uncertain only for a brief moment. Though it was but
            impulse that caused him to react in such a manner, as he soon
            caught sight of the other, only but an innocent child.

            Words tumble out of lips, an awkward stutter. 

                  ❝ …
                     …No. No, it doesn’t hurt at all. ❞


<//3 heart broken anon

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Lowers head dramatically.


                  ❝ .. I’m sorry, anon-san.
                        We… were not meant to be. ❞

           - Dramatic korean music plays -


♡ Anon X Dio a love 4 de ages.



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