𝕻oor unfortunate soul. Indeed, It wasn’t the best on his days
            if he ended in that damned place. Maureen had prepared and
            cleaned that knife for so many years he eventually stopped to
            count for lack of hope he gained back just a few moments ago.
            The creature never felt that way for so long. Getting nervous, his
            hand started to tremble while he was looking for the newcomer.
             Am I trembling? Get your stuff together, Maureen. He thought.
            Oh, no, it wasn’t fear; the only things that could traumatize or
            simply scare the young fellow weren’t in there.

            𝖂alking through the corridors, in the absolute silence within
            those walls, footsteps could be heard. A slow, anguishing noise
            that echoed through the whole place. The dolls begane to shut
            their wretched mouth and the Knights all in red wouldn’t dare
            to chase the visitor, because something worse was coming.
            It hadn’t been hard finding him; it seemed the victim had weapons
            as well, wouldn’t that be way more fun?

            « oh, hey there. Are you lost?
                        You know, I can help you. »


              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            And upon the sound of a nearby voice did he start, his gaze
            instantaneously averting to the source of said voice. Sight
            of those golden locks had initially allowed him to breathe a 
            sigh of relief— though a pause ensued as he noticed that those
            locks were significantly shorter than the ones that the inhabitant
            of this particular gallery that Dio was familiar with.

            Laying his gaze upon the other, only then did he notice that the
            golden locks belonged to a boy who merely resembled his female
            friend. Though, he did remember that in the past those grey creatures
            had caused him to change genders somehow.. perhaps she had
            undergone the similar treatment?

                  ❝ … Mary? 

                                           -  Uncertainty is evident in his voice as he spoke,
                                              lips pressed into a thin line  -

                            .. Is that you? 


         𝕲uests weren’t showing those days. The gallery had been rather
         quiet, mostly covered by the groans of the other artworks and the
         scratches of a crayon drawing on a wall. Oh, Maureen thought as
         himself way more mature than those stupid blue dolls ruining the
         perfect unicolor walls. Those weren’t even drawings, after all.
         He would only feel lonely, he wanted to go outside. The creature
         had been waiting years and years for another victim that would
         replace his presence in the Gallery.

         𝕬nd the waiting had been repaid with a fresh, new walking body
         whom aura was surely odd; perhaps another place like the Gallery
         had ruined his soul. Whoever that person was, Maureen would
         find it and kill it, not immediately; after all, he liked to play. He did
         it with the scarlet rose boy once, and this time he would win the
         game. Hell if he would.

         « oh, I’m going to find it.
                     I might need my palette knife. »


              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Silence is something that should be savoured at times, though
            loneliness can quite easily arise upon such a thing happening.
            One would think that even the visitor of the area would appreciate
            the silence given, with how his surroundings were constantly
            filled with a perpetual state of noise. Varying from the critters’
            cries within the forest, and the hustle bustle of the streets made
            silence a rare occurrence. Silence was rather precious to him.

            Yet the silence that filled the stale air of the gallery made him
            shudder, the sensation of being watched crawling at his skin.
            It was simply too unnerving for even him to be able to remain 
            a calm composure. He disliked being watched very, very much.

            Footsteps. Approaching footsteps reached his ears and he paused.
            A single hazel eye shifting, his stance wary as he stood  s t i l l .

                  ❝ …Gh.
                      I am not in the mood for tricks today.  ❞

            Knives are pulled out and held in his hands, readying them in 
            case anyone were take him by surprise.


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The sincerity in such a mellifluous tone seemed to deplete the worry brimming in the CEO’s core, arms laying still at either side as grey optics grazed over the details obscuring the majority of this youth’s visage. How on earth could one be inflicted with wounds as serious as those and still manage to flash a smile so genuine, so honest.

Lips parted to offer some sort of measurement, some sort of counter against his refusal, but when the details of his injury left his lips —

— the female did a double back.

"… … …"


"I…—we may have a difference of opinion, but I think the majority of this population would agree that falling off a cliff is anything but a typical instance.” The fact that he stated something so significant in such an utterly casual manner certainly made her mind replay those words.

"…Pardon my persistence, but I really — really think…you should accept my offer.”

Had the fall caused some sort of concussion to alter this male’s ideology? There was a large chance.

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Perhaps saying as such was far too much, seeing how she 
            seemed to be startled by the notion that he had called the
            fall a mere, insignificant happening. If only she knew what
            terrible things had befallen him in the past— she would 
            certainly understand as to why he called it a typical, normal
                             Several times, he had done it— yet he still could not
                                                                                                                    d  i  e .

            A soft chuckle escaped his lips upon hearing what she said, 
            head tipping to a side ever so slightly and nodding in vague
            acknowledgement, as he always did. It was amusing, he supposed
            to find someone who cared for his wellbeing far more than his
            appearances. Perhaps, she simply did not notice. 

            Briefly, Dio wondered the chances of such a thing happening. 
            Would anyone really be able to ignore such a ghastly appearance
            so easily? Most certainly, she had already caught sight of the 
            blood stained bandages that wrapped around his head, covering
            his nonexistent eye.


                  ❝ It certainly is kind of you to offer me assistance.
                      Very well then. Though, I highly suggest you do not watch.  ❞

            Outstretched hands reached for the bandages she was offering,
            though, he waited, as though he wanted an answer before he 
            would continue speaking.




❝ …Probably? ❞

                                                                 Of course, inquisitive visage lifts,
                                                                 encased    enshrouded, even    by
                                                                  a more decent form of curiosity.
                                                                  Even then, it’s marked by the quirk
                                                                  of two eyebrows whose lifting
                                                                  causes creases well hidden by bangs
                                                                  of a thick composure. Eyes are wider,
                                                                  and body develops an involuntary
                                                                  leaning that betrays her. 

❝ …Germany though    what’s 
Germany like? ❞

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Curiosity is responded with a kind smile tugging upon his lips.
            Perhaps there was a hint of disbelief hidden within the tone of
            her voice— which was valid, with how different countries would
            not mean that such a known legend wouldn’t be known. 

            As well as the fact that the ‘ghost’s that he had met in the Drevis
            Mansion never did mention anything. — Perhaps it would be 
            due to the fact that they are not ghosts in the first place—
                                       Rather, they were simply..  souls.

                  ❝ Ah..
                   .. Cold. It was quite cold there.
                      Even so, I miss my home.
                      I lived in an abandoned shed and survived there.
                      It wasn’t much but..
                                 it was enough. ❞


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✿ ♒ ☠ \o/

✿ - Happy headcanon

Few of the things that he finds enjoyable is sleeping outside and looking at the night sky as he falls asleep. He finds it very calming and peaceful, and knows that he used to do that with his deceased sister, who loved stars. Stars in general calms him, because his parents used to tell him that when people die, they become stars. He still believes in that.

♒ - Family headcanon

His family members are all deceased and are no where to be found, unlike him being a living dead. Hence, the occasional loneliness is caused by the thoughts of his questioning why he was spared to live once more, and they were gone from his life forever. Mention a father, mother, or any siblings and tears will well up in his eyes— before he’s overwhelmed with guilt because he’s utterly convinced that he caused his sister’s death. 

☠ - Death headcanon

Dio does not fear death whatsoever. His only reason to fear death was that no one would be able to take care of his dearest sister, but with his sister gone— he has nothing to care for anymore. Though, he tries hard to change that mindset, and reminds himself that there are some that would prefer him alive— does he have a choice anyway? Being an immortal dead, any fatal wounds will heal in a matter of weeks, or even days, and he will be fine again. 
He finds it quite disgusting, really.