grounded. 6 weeks. forced to do sick ollies on a skateboard.


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       ✍  ⋮「  …Thinking about it now, he probably shouldn’t have
                  spoken out to him all of a sudden, Allen was a quiet
                  child so it wouldn’t be a surprise that he must have
                  noticed his presence beforehand.

                  To the boy, the would must be an unfavorable subject.
                  In a way, it felt like Allen felt like he was overstepping
                  his boundaries, and to a stranger no less. ”Sorry.

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            Not to worry, he was anything but displeased regarding
            the younger being inquisitive to such a thing— curiosity
            was but of the norm for younger children, as he knew
            himself. It was but said curiosity and a tinge of desperation
            that had caused his and his sister’s demise in the end. 

            Lips upturn into a smile, though faint, completely genuine.
            There was no fault in satisfaction to curiosity, unless it was
            intentionally made to be a snide remark.

            ❝ — Oh? 
                    It’s quite alright..
                                                                                  - a hand reaches up,
                                                                                    instinctively covering it. - 
                    Many people are questionable to this..
                    wound of mine.It is not something one
                    would see by a daily basis, after all. ❞


So I really like this song so I had to make a music box cover for it ;;;
—I had to replace the ending with a small part of the beginning because.. lazy. weeps pleasedon’tkillme
I hope I did it justice! ;v;
Original: here
Download: here


                 I am forgetting the promises I have made.
“Why can I never go back to bed? Who’s is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?”

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