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✿ ♒ ☠ \o/

✿ - Happy headcanon

Few of the things that he finds enjoyable is sleeping outside and looking at the night sky as he falls asleep. He finds it very calming and peaceful, and knows that he used to do that with his deceased sister, who loved stars. Stars in general calms him, because his parents used to tell him that when people die, they become stars. He still believes in that.

♒ - Family headcanon

His family members are all deceased and are no where to be found, unlike him being a living dead. Hence, the occasional loneliness is caused by the thoughts of his questioning why he was spared to live once more, and they were gone from his life forever. Mention a father, mother, or any siblings and tears will well up in his eyes— before he’s overwhelmed with guilt because he’s utterly convinced that he caused his sister’s death. 

☠ - Death headcanon

Dio does not fear death whatsoever. His only reason to fear death was that no one would be able to take care of his dearest sister, but with his sister gone— he has nothing to care for anymore. Though, he tries hard to change that mindset, and reminds himself that there are some that would prefer him alive— does he have a choice anyway? Being an immortal dead, any fatal wounds will heal in a matter of weeks, or even days, and he will be fine again. 
He finds it quite disgusting, really. 


∇, ✿, and ▼

▼ - Childhood headcanon

His childhood was far from pleasant, yet he barely thinks about it being as much of a terrible experience as it was in the present. With how his parents passed away when he was but a young child, the burden of taking care of his sick sister was rather overwhelming— causing him to get collapse most of the time when he got the chance to actually sleep.

∇ - Old age headcanon

Dio doesn’t really believe in an old age— for himself, if anything. He doesn’t age in the state that he is in— and that is actually very aggravating for him— for his mental state is already far above an adults, but due to his appearances, certain adults still treated him like a child. 

✿ - Happy headcanon

Happiness is something that he rarely feels, but the he feels happiest when he is able to help someone— let it be a friend in need, or a stranger having troubles. Dio feels an obligation to help people who need the help, for he had no one to provide him any help when he needed it most— or people simply did not care to help him. He wishes not for others to feel that way, hence goes out of his way to aid others as best of his ability. 

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■ - Violent headcanon

♦ - Emotional headcanon

✿ - Happy headcanon

● - Sad headcanon

♠ - Painful headcanon

♥ - Love headcanon

♡ - Sex headcanon

☆ - Appearence headcanon

☠ - Death headcanon

♒ - Family headcanon

☮ - Friendship headcanon

▼ - Childhood headcanon

∇ - Old age headcanon

☄ - Food headcanon

★ - Education headcanon




❝ …Not even from old legends, and 
stuff? The American ones? ❞

A raising of an eyebrow is bestowed 
upon the other, inquisitive in its 
manner and execution.

❝ Huu, that’s weird. ❞

❝ …That didn’t offend you, right? ❞

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            A shake of his head is all he does as response, eye blinking back 
            at his friend as she gives him a inquisitive gaze, an eyebrow 
            arched prior to her speaking once more.  

            Cue a brief pause as he racks his mind for any prior legends he
            may have heard of— besides the Drevis mansion’s legend, of 


                  ❝ No, not at all.
                      I don’t suppose I’ve heard of any such of a legend before.
                      Perhaps it would be because I lived in Germany? ❞





Quiet turning of the head is nearing
the edges of her consciousness, and
yet she does not. Merely, as if to point
out the fidgeting nervousness at the
sudden arrival of another (a friend,
she reminds herself), she clasps her 
hands together in an effort to keep
them from shaking. Though, upon
seconds pass, her shaken form is null
and void in it’s tremble.

                                                                                    ❝ Mm…I guess you’re right. ❞

❝ Ignorance is bliss, huh? I…I don’t
think so. ❞

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

            A quizzical expression is donned upon his features, with but
            a soft, gentle smile tugging at his lips. Clearly evident, her 
            nervousness was but all to obvious to his eye. though with the
            effort was noticed as well; greatly appreciated that she would
            even make an attempt for his sake. 

            Response to her first statement is but a nod, before he tips
            his head to pay heed to her next statement— a familiar phrase
            that he has heard many times again. And there is once again,
            a smile upon his lips. 

                  ❝ Ah, that one?
                      How.. nostalgic.
                      Once again, such things would always vary.
                      For in certain situations, it is but blissful to be ignorant.
                      While in others, it is not.  ❞

Aya Drevis [ 42 icons ]


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{ Character };; Aya Drevis

{ Game };; Mad father

{ Icons and size };; 42 icons ( 100x100 )

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There’s a group of people that are planning to make a Mad Father fangame! — So if anyone would like to offer any help, please contact zappycat as to what you can help with uwu.


I’m currently working on an idea of a 2d platformer puzzle/rpg game that can help people be aware of how it feels like (vaguely, because there are different degrees of depression) to go through depression and how they might be able to help them and whatnot.

Though, my art skills are rather mediocre, so I’m looking for a volunteer graphics/concept artist to help me out with getting the idea to move forward! If anyone is interested, please message me here.

Thank you!




The smile dims, but her cheerful demeanor doesn’t.

❝ …Oh, right. ❞

And, in fact, she does trust the other. Perhaps it might not
be a large amount, but it’s enough to give her name out.
Though, never the last name. She will never give that to
anyone. It’s so ugly to her now, so nauseating    but perhaps
it is only because of her sentiments towards herself and her
ever so distant family.

Now, the once unable vocals produce the sound of her own
name. It still amazed her, the process of speech. Even though
she couldn’t feel the letters loll off her tongue, or have the
rumbling in her throat echo in her very core    this was enough.

❝ I’m…Hana. Yours? I didn’t think I got it from you either. ❞

She hopes he doesn’t decipher the meaning. As much as she
liked flowers, she hated to be compared to them.

              ♞ ⇸ 𝓚 night } 

              Concern is the primary emotion that finds its way onto his features,
              wondering if he had caused her any discomfort.. in any way. If
              anything, causing her to be uncomfortable was not part of the 
              agenda at all. Her voice still carries the same cheery tone, but her
              smile had withered away— which was the main reason he had been
              concerned in the first place.

              A smile very much suited her. And he would prefer her to be able 
              to around him. Quietly, he watches her as she seems to be silently
              contemplating as to how she should respond. Perhaps it was too 
              bold to ask for her name? She did appear timid and frightened in
              the beginning after—

              Her sudden response is enough to jolt him out of his thoughts, 
              the smile ever still present upon his lips. Upon hearing the uttered 
              word, though— it is as though he thinks about it for a moment, 
              before averting his gaze back to her. 


                  ❝ It’s.. a pleasure to meet you, Hana.
                    ..Dio. Dio is my name.
                      Your name.. reminds me of an old friend.